Flawless and unique
Visitor Experience

  • Make a great first impression with convenient access
  • Secure your building with QR code passes
  • Get rid of paper, maintain GDPR compliance

Fully configurable process within the framework of security.

It all starts
with an invitation

Easily enter the guests' emails, the date & time of the meeting and, if requested, allow guests to book a parking place.
Keep your prefered time-management and scheduling services – simply add the special email address as a participant. We support Microsoft Outlook and Google Calendar, among many others.
Let your reception invite guests for you in a modern web environment.

Your guest receives
a guest pass

Email with QR code

The guest pass contains all details about the appointment. It can also be stored natively in Apple Wallet or Android Wallet apps.

In an integrated parking system, the guest can book a parking place by submitting their license plate number.

Getting into
the building

Depending on the selected configuration, the visitor has several options for using their guest pass.


Guests scan the QR code in their invitation. After verification, the receptionist is notified and grants access. Uninvited visitors without an invitation can self-register. Apple & Android native app.


In the event of a lost or forgotten invitation, a fully autonomous web guestbook with straightforward check-in provides as a backup solution.


Trusted visitors receive priority fast-tracking with the integration of turnstile QR code readers into the Access Control System.

When your guest checks in,
you are notified

Push notification

The meeting organizer is notified through our mobile app.

Tenant reception is immediately informed about the visitor.

What you get

  • fast-track access
  • notifications
  • seamless flow
  • customized design
  • localization
  • detailed analytics
  • GDPR compliance
  • visitor log
  • data export
  • signed legal documents
  • email & wallet pass
  • data protection
  • rights management
  • ID scanning
  • Apple & Android kiosks
  • badge printing
  • flexibility
  • unlimited invitations
  • visitor dashboard
  • Outlook & Google integration

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